park share
may 2017
PARK SHARE focuses on the parking spot. With private parking spots being used 50% of the time and the value of real-estate continuing to rise in New York City, a more efficient and economical use of parking can be implemented through a shared parking system. The introduction of the autonomous car and the subsequent co-ordination of large amounts of real-time spatial and infrastructure data allows for a more efficient and coordinated use of public and private parking spaces. Instead of paying for your own monthly parking spot, PARK SHARE finds parking for your car according to your preferences in accessibility, availability, and price. Furthermore, the organizational structure of parking garages can be re-organized to accomodate both the autonomous and semi-autonomous car. The most accessible parking spots are reserved for owners who are willing to pay a premium for easy accessibility, while the least accessible parking spots are reserved for cars that don't need to be accessed for longer periods of time. Individuals who own a parking spot can choose to loan out their parking spot in which PARK SHARE will use the parking spot for other cars, reimbursing the owner for the time the parking spot was used.

With the autonomous car, the power lies in its efficiency and flexibility. While it can adapt to New York's physical infrastructure to suit our individual needs, PARK SHARE offers an organizational method to maximize real estate which will lead to a decrease in the amount of property dedicated to parking. PARK SHARE will help minimize traffic congestion and waiting times, provide better capital and capacity utilization while also being energy efficient.

PARK SHARE was recognized for Honorable Mention in the Blankspace Driverless Future Competition 2017.
Rodolphe el-Khoury
Christopher Chung
Lorena Knezevic
Michael Alexander
My involvement with this project was at RAD-UM ( in which I was one of the Lead Designers while overseeing the production of drawings and presentation material.
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