Hello! I'm Chris.
Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario and completing a Masters in Architecture at the University of Toronto in 2014, Chris draws from his education, experience and interests in Design, Computer Science, Digital Fabrication, and Physical Computing to help develop and manage RAD-UM, a research lab dedicated for project-based research on the spatial ramifications of embedded technology and ubiquitous computing. Located at the University of Miami's School of Architecture, RAD’s research is premised on the notion that every building or landscape component can be equipped with computational power. Over the last several years, Chris has overseen the growth of RAD-UM and its projects like Coff-e-Bar, Zenciti, Bio-Display and Robotic Cloud. His interests lie in bridging the digital and the physical realms within the public arena, particularly in ways that can create new and exciting social interactions. Additionally, Chris serves as a Lecturer at the University of Miami teaching courses on Computational Design, Programming, Mixed Reality, Virtual Realty, and Physical Computing.